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Background Image(s)
Paul Morris via UNSPLASH
Manchester uk
The home page background image was obained via UNSPLASH, easily one of THE top websites to obtain top quality royalty free images. Nothing gets my goat more than websites that don't give credit to what made their vision possible.
Paul's Bio: Amateur photographer mainly concentrate on abandoned buildings and landscapes aka nikon morris. Click the UNSPLASH link above to drill into his profile page on UNSPLASH.
Website Hosting (provided by Kase)
A2Hosting, Ann Arbor, MI
Ideal for all levels of hosting but what makes them terrific: Knowledgeable humans quickly answer the phone. If they do out-source, the quality of their tech support matches their mastery of the English langage. Single website/shared hosting packages start a ~$4/month. Fair value but with excellent quality. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Website Dev, Security and High-Tech Brainstorming
Kase happened to bump into James via a post on CL. The left torsion spring on the garage door had snapped and Kase believed he was fully capable doing more than just ordering replacement parts on Amazon. His very caring yin half was vehment about not doing something that would chop off any of his useful appendages. In the middle of the winter of 2016, James showed up and toiled in near zero temps and had it fixed in under an hour. When it comes to making 500+ pound doors go up and down, James really knows his stuff. Anyway, had it not been for the effectively persistent yin'ster, it's very unlikely James and Kase would have met ... and Kase might be typing with fewer than 10 digits.
Reason MEQUONGARAGE exists
About a week ago, a friend had attempted to help Kase level his garage door. The new springs/cables that James installed had stretched a bit so rather than doing the right thing, the left pully wheel was loosened (by Kase) just enought to so allow the door to move down ever so lightly.

While Kase was making some delicate tweaks, this other guy grabbed the door with both hands and yanked on it like the gorilla in the Samsonite commercial. In a few nano-seconds, both torsion springs had fully unwound with enough stored energy for the now freely rotating cables to slice human parts like warm butter.

The 500 pound door was now an imovable wall. Deb of course, said something like, "Sure hope you kept that business card from the guy who was out here a few months ago." Lucky for Kase, the biz card had been taped it to the back of the garage door, just in case ...

After a few text messages, James was back out and in short order, door was again acting like a normal garage door.

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