About Mequon Garage

MequonGarage.com, owned and operated by James Flagg, may appear to be a guy who is darn good replacing broken torsion springs and defective openers. Mequon Garage is way more than that.

James has a deep understanding of all the mechanics of garage door physics, a skill he learned as a teenager and now, with a decade of experience, has perfected his craft to an art by taking garages to the next level by helping home owners see the bigger picture.

James brings much more to the table than just garage door installation and maintenance. He sees value in that part of most homes that are neglected, over-crowded and disorganized. Just like how some people are "SOLD!" when they see a clean modern kitchen, a fully optimized garage space can have the same positive impact on buyers to make full price offers.

Sure, if your spring has sprung or if your opener isn't opening, MequonGarage can come to the rescue. However, next time you're in your garage, step back and imagine, then schedule an appointment to start brainstorming some ideas to make your place awesome while driving up your property value.

Doors, Springs and Things

That's what a garage door looks like when one of the torsion springs has snapped. Springs have a "life span" and when they get old, they can fail in the up, down or somewhere in the middle position. Torsion springs work in pairs and can last years, but they almost never fail together. When that happens the above can easily result.

Good news. Often it looks worse than it is.

However, this is the important part. A garage door is an energy system that holds what's known as stored energy. Stored energy can be harmless like when you pop a balloon or unscrew an agitated bottle of something carbonated.

A working, and often a failed, garage door has potentially arm slicing, even life-threatening stored energy. For this reason, most recommend you do not try to "do it yourself" when something fails. We agree. Doors can be heavy and without balanced torsion springs to resist it's desire to close, an unrestrained door can become a dull but potent guillotine.

Serving the Milwaukee area, James and his team of garage door pros are ready to respond to most any type of door/system failure.

Amazing Makeovers

What's the point of having all that space and not making is something that makes a statement, allows you to get organized and have a little fun. And perhaps, even leave some room to park a car.

Here at MequonGarage, we like to think outside the garage box. While the above might be an extreme, there's no reason you can't start with the essentials of a custom garage.

Stacked Storage Systems

Other than broken springs or defective motors, what's the other most common thing about garages? They generally end up being a big closet where you stash items that don't fit ... in the closets. This is almost a sure thing when kids are involved; bikes, trikes, camping gear, swimming pool noodles... after a year or two, you can no longer even see the walls, much less find what you're looking for.

We specialize in standard and custom storage systems, a fancy name for shelves. What we can do is transform your walls into engineered spaces and areas where things fit, perfectly.

It's Simple. Here's all you need to do...

... make a rough sketch of what you want, then schedule a yard sale so you have reason to pull everything out of your garage. Then, during your yard sale, we will swoop in and create exactly what you need to optimize your space.

Fancy Functional Floors

In addition to storage systems, we will power wash, prime and then apply an epoxy coating so that your garage floor looks good and resists moisture to keep your concrete from becoming chipped and stained.

In addition to epoxy, for the side of the garage that's not intended for vehicle traffic, we can also install an appropriately dense flooring laminate to provide an amazing look that's inviting and rugged.

We love to brainstorm about projects like this. Drop us a line when you're ready to get serious about making your garage way more than... a big closet of stuff.

Need help with your garage or have some unrelated businss opportunity? Drop us a line and let's talk.

About Me

It all started when I wasn't yet old enough to have a real job. It began in a freezing cold garage on the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI, where I toiled away with my oversized 96 cent gloves grabbing parts for Don and Bud. Parts that took me the entire previous summer to familiarize myself with by name. This is where I made my debut in the garage door industry.

Other than all the fantastic people I've met and the knowledge of the garage door trade itself, one of the memories that I will never forget is when some Butterfinger-flavored hot cocoa was delivered by a customer in sub-zero temperature.

I started in the garage door service industry over a decade ago from the ground floor... literally, I stood on the floor and watched, for about 20 minutes.

I'm a hands-on type. I began winding garage door torsion springs on my first day. Some like to take notes and watch, not me. I like to roll up the sleeves and jump in, which I started to do when I was just 14.

Learning the garage service ropes, I understood the key to growth was building relationships and gaining word of mouth testimonials. Sure, websites are good, but 1:1 connections will always be the key to bigger and better.

I answer the phone, I return phone calls quickly, I troubleshoot garage door problems and make it a top priority to always deliver quality installation or repair services regardless of the size of the project or sub-zero temperatures.

I still work with the two people that taught me everything about garage doors because success isn't some obscure destination, it's appreciating the daily habit of surrounding yourself with those you trust and care for.

- James Flagg

Need help with your garage or have some unrelated businss opportunity? Drop me a line and let's talk.