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Collaboration is key to success...

This part of the system contains posts from crew members about your job, made during the course of work being done. In addition to quick posts like "I'm on the way" or "Running late" crew members will also be uploading images to show before and after comparisons. As it's been said, a picture can tell the story much better than words. We agree.

Minimally, a work crew consists of two people. A Crew Member and a Crew Leader. It's important for you to understand the difference because that relationship defines how you deal with them at the job site.

Crew members and leaders can make these type of posts that will be visible here:

The Role of Crew Members

Crew members are generally the group that does most of the heavy lifting. Within a typical residential job, there will be maybe two or three members and one Crew Leader. Crew members are very much a part of the quality process, however crew members do not have authority to go outside the scope of their assigned work. Any additional work must be initiated by the Crew Leader, and it must be posted here and approved by you before Crew Members can help.

e.g., NEVER do this: "Hey, I will give you some cash to move this thing to over there"

Instead, you would make this request via a change order here (by clicking Contact). The Project Manager will then pass this on to the Crew Leader so it can be properly added to a crew's task list.

This may sound trivial, but following our process protects you. Any work that you verbally authorize and consummate with a cash payment makes you liable for any unwanted outcomes. That's a surprise we want to always avoid.

For this reason, you should never ask a crew member to do any extra work as they are not allowed to initiate or approve any type of a change order. Crew members are generally paid by the hour and earn a comfortable wage because what they do isn't easy. So regardless of how highly you think of a crew member, please NEVER offer cash for any reason, including tipping.

The Crew Leader

The Leader is the person responsible for on-site management of crew members, materials, tools, equipment and communicating with the customer to answer questions, follow-up on issues and coordinate change orders. While 99% of crew leaders are also highly skilled at their trade, they often are juggling multiple projects. Because of this, the Crew Leader is likely not on-site full-time. They may show up, depart and show up again... all in an effort to make sure the crew members have what they need for your project.

Change orders CAN be initiated via Crew Leaders but you are ALWAYS in the approval chain. That means, until you digitally sign a change order, that work will not be initiated and you're not charged for it. Exactly the same as with crew members, you should NEVER offer cash to a Crew Leader to keep some extra work "under the table" unless you're willing to assume the liability that comes with potenially undesireable results.

The Project/Customer Service Manager

In the heirachy of things, this is the person to whom the Crew Leader reports. This person may never be on-site and your only interaction with them might be a phone call to make sure your project requirements are well defined. The Project Manager can also be thought of as a dispatcher, the one who initiates all jobs and all change orders. Using the Contact link above, you have direct access to this person. Should ANY issues come up during a job, it's our desire that you use this contact to make sure things are done right, done within budget and on-schedule.

While it's fine to ask questions to the Crew Leader, any change to your project, via from you or anyone else, MUST go through the Project Manager.


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