Your Project Documents

All your project documents and notes, in one place

This is where all your signed documents (digital or otherwise) will be available to you. From from the moment we begin the project via the proposal, any change requests through completion will all be here for you to inspect, print or download.

Our digital signing is simple and fast. It does not require you to fumble with PDFs that you must download, "sign" and then resend to us. We've tried those and don't ever recalling it being a quick and easy effort.

Only these documents require signing:

  1. The Accepted Proposal (includes cost, timing and labor details)
  2. Our 1-Page Contract
  3. Cosmetic (stain or substrate) approval(s)
  4. Change Orders (these are common with certain types of projects)

How Our Online Signing Method Is Better

All of our documents are straight-up HTML text (browser friendly) designed to load fast and be viewed in ANY web browser. As such, these require no plug-ins or downloads of any kind. If you're reading this page, then it means your device would be able to process our digitally signed documents.

To sign, all you do is type your name, click a box, then hit SEND. As long as your device signature matches what we have on file for you, we store your acceptance, along with information that tells us when and where the signature originated. At almost the same time, we shoot you an email with a copy so you know your approval has been accepted.

However, to maintain control and security, if someone with a different internet device should try to sign for your approval, we will contact you via email and a phone call to confirm. e.g., If you signed the proposal at home, but are now approving a change order with your phone.

Again, in order to protect your privacy, none of your contact information will be available here. However, if you want your own full copy, with those details, those can be sent to your email address with a click of a button.

Often simple is better. The less time we spend pushing paper, the more time we can be focused on making your project hum like a fancy racecar.


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