Your Work Flow Center

Welcome to your work flow control center

Everyone is busy. In the last few years, much has changed. We've turned into a heads-down society. Being online isn't something you do, it's a device you carry with you every day. For this reason, the concept of a "phone-friendly" website is no longer good enough.

To take our customer service to the next level, we have created a fast, efficient, device-agnostic work flow system that allows you full access to your project, from order date through completion.

Our objective: Allow everyone in the project, using any type of browser-based internet device, (any hand-held or desktop) to be able to view, track and manage or help manage your project. In addition to keeping an eye on progess, this system also allows you to get rapid answers to your questions, post issues and, if necessary, make and authorize changes all view quick and easy digital signing.

You will be able to see progress regardless of your location because we are sticklers for quality and the best way to ensure that is to make certain you have 100% access to all communications.

e.g,. EVERY DAY someone will upload photos of your project along with any issues which you will be able to view here. This is to ensure we're all aware of any issues ASAP and it also gives us a way to accurately calculate and predict any changes that might impact the target completion date.

Communication is #1 in customer satisfaction. No surprises, unless they're good ones.

This is how we do it: Transparent work flow is vital to success, but it doesn't work unless everyone contributes.

Via this work flow tool, you will be able to quickly:

During the project, you can come here and have a look by clicking on the Status tab. However if we should have an issue that you need to be informed of, we will send you a short email so you are immediately aware. You will have the option of responding to the issue via this system or via a phone call to discuss details and options. Bottom line, we will only email you when necessary; we all have too much of that already.

Important: You may have noticed there was no ID or password required to get here.
Reason: Making you remember a new ID and PW only serves to reduce the chances you will use this. So, to protect your privacy, no personal information about you is available here. No profile page with your home address, phone number ... we already know that info and so do you. With this approach, you can easily share this page simply by sending the URL to others you want involved. While we update this continuously during your project, nothing will ever be posted or uploaded here that puts you in any position of a compromise to your privacy.

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