Project Status Board

Are we there yet?

A project has a start date and a target end date. Everything in between is in the state of not done.

Just so we're clear, "We're almost done" is as meaningless as 50% or 90%. There are plenty of stories that will conclude, the last 10% of a project took most of the time. Mathematically that doesn't make sense, but in business, math is usually not invited to any of the meetings.

This part of the system broadcasts realistic status updates based on tangibles that come from a combination of text input and images, submitted by reliable sources, reviewed with impartial eyes. You don't need to be a person with advanced skilled trade knowledge to know when something isn't done. If half your floor is missing or only half of your solar panels are still in boxes, it's safe to conclude you're maybe 50% done.

Our solution: Status posts from the Crew Leader, the Project Manager and YOU to draw accurate conclusions about our state of your project. Crew members can make posts to the Crew Comments area, but not to the Status area. While they often know, crew members are not expected or allowed to report-out on project milestones. Too many chefs... not good.

A status post includes these elements:

The Status Board is not a threaded discussion area. Messages posted stay there for the duration of the project. If something isn't correct, it stays as it is part of the project history. If something isn't correct, then the author can post another message to clarify the error or update the status.

We have learned that failed projects were mostly a result of failed communication between the three stakeholders: The Crew Lead, the Project Manager and the customer. Anytime those three are not on the same page, there's a good chance something will slip through the cracks. When that happens, the inevitable finger-pointing does little to right the wrong.


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